March 3rd, 2017

A New Life Chapter Being Written Today

Today is the day I write a new chapter in my life. This blog is my platform. I’m not sure why, but last night I found myself not being able to sleep. I felt like I had to go deep to change my life. Going deep refers to an audio book I bought this year. It talked about the genius of the world going to a place internally to discover things, new ideas, and breakthroughs.

The fact is, I can’t get the answer to my life problems from anyone but myself. This blog will act as a soundboard for my thoughts and ideas. It will also act as a place to let my thoughts go rather than dump my feelings on my friends.

My friends can’t help me. This is what I realized lately. Most people can’t help me. This is why I feel so alone. What is the point of having a discussion with someone if you aren’t going to learn something from them?

Being Bigger than Myself

Where I am now, I must become more. At 52, I’ve never owned a home of my own. My current living situation is sharing a room with five roommates. I’m ready to buy my first house. I have exactly $2,100. My goal is to start looking in Wisconsin, Indiana, & Michigan for a fixer-upper. Milwaukee seems to be a better choice since it’s only a few hours away from Chicago.

Fear is what is has been holding me back on a lot of things. But not anymore. This is why I’m using this platform so I don’t have to discuss my ideas or receive negative feedback from my friends. If I told anyone I was going to start looking for a house with $2,100 they would have all kind of things to say. Mainly negative.

I can only grow from the experience of buying something so cheap. But I can’t wait anymore. I can’t wait until my credit is over 650 or earn enough income each year to satisfy a bank to give me a loan. Buying into this system has caused me to not to be able to buy a home. What a waste of my life.