Retreat or Advance? My Mental State of Mind Today

I just woke up from my nap. My mind is refreshed with the answer to my current life challenges. With so many things on my plate, there is only one thing to do. Put everything on a piece of paper and then rank the problems in an order of priority.

The first priority for me is to get a place to stay. That is going to require me to build my Lyft business and save money.

The second is learning new skills (lead generation) and studying for my property and casualty course.

And third, is to recognize that I am not a failure even if the other priorities have to be put on hold and it doesn’t matter if no one else understands my problems.

While money can fix the problems, money didn’t give me the answer to resolve my worries and fears.


My Epiphany of Time Need to Build A Home-Based Business

This morning I had an epiphany about the amount of time it takes to build a home-based business. Along with that, I realized why so many people fail. If someone gives you the answer to how to grow an abundance of food, the variables may not be the same. Do you have the acres to farm the amount of food suggested? Do you have the tools and manpower to needed to cultivate the land? Maybe not. However, could you start with a small pot to plant herbs or grow a tomato plant? Everyone variables are different however the directions or ideas to start a home-based business are the same.

Today, I’m taking the risk of earning income from Uber to see if I can earn more in another type of business. Insurance.